Tracks on order

Tracks on order

A track
is a finished piece of music, or a part of a full-fledged album that is created from scratch, in accordance with the trends and relevance of musical genres.

Show business industry has formed certain rules, following which musicians and producers write their compositions. Frequently, the base of a track is a rhythm section, consisting of a kick and a bass. They create the general tone and the mood for a future hit. They are the heart of a composition, around which all other elements are formed: a lead, a pad, a pluck and a percussion. Sometimes, it is quite appropriate to use violins, guitars, saxophones, as the fundamental details of a track. This is important in melodic genres because the usage of “live” instruments makes music more lyrical. A track club format usually focuses on a bass line which sets the rhythm and mood of a composition. Percussions, claps, hats are layered on it, making a more readable bearing base. To get rid of the monotony, the rhythm is decorated with either a lead tune or a pluck one. Thus, the monotony of the general pulsation of a track becomes a full-fledged composition, a single, which will rightfully occupy its niche among musical production.

Как это работает (ENG)

The key to success in the industry is creating its own unique sound.

Sound, which will favorably allocate your track against the background of a worn-out and boring standard sound of other tracks. Freshness and novelty are always felt in an individual sound, attracting a listener. Any uniqueness is a departure from generally accepted standards. After all, no standard can be called unique. That is why we always look for something new. So you will clearly feel the difference and gain confidence in your abilities when you come to us.

Our team “Studio Element” is armed with all modern and high-tech equipment to find your unique and inimitable sound, exclusively for you. Our deep knowledge of synthesis is the key to your success, and our software is your key to the Fortune Palace. At your service there are VST synthesizers, romplers and samplers, impeccable understanding of additive, granular, subtractive, FM and wavetable syntheses. Avenger, Spire, Nexus2, Kontakt, Serum, Reaktor, Sylenth1 are our arsenal. Bass Station 2, DS Mopho, Akai Miniak, Korg Triton are available to us. And the main thing! We work with licensed software.
There are a lot of options for writing tracks and our team knows them. None of the methods remained unnoticed by us. Because our main goal is a top, rotary, quality product and fully ready for distribution.

Our motto is PERFECTION! Make sure of this!
And let our sound become YOUR sound.
Examples of our tracks:
Track 1. 

Track 2.

Track 3.

Track 4.

Track 5.

Track 6.

Track 7.

Track 8.

Track 9.

Track 10.

Track 11.

Track 12.