- a final stage of work on the processing of audio material. In essence, this process is the preparation of a work for publication, which includes checking the sound quality, adjusting the track in general, and adapting the sound, according to with certain requirements. And it is also for creating the integrity and balance of the album.

During mastering, the engineer considers the processing chain in accordance with the tasks and the goal of the process itself. It takes into account the style of a composition, the resource where it will be sold or played, as well as the nuances of the material itself, so its correction does not change the original characteristics of the track.

The mastering phase has three components:

1. Montage.
It includes the formation of the beginning and end of the work. And during mastering an album, it is creating a sequence of tracks with transitions. It is also checked and corrected DC offset - low-frequency artifact elements.

2. Processing.
This means the correction of the frequency balance; transparency of the material; activities to bring the track to commercial sound (equalization, stereo expansion, transient control, saturation); and also work with dynamics (compression, limiting, maximization). In consequence of the work done, it becomes fully ready for publication or replication.

3. Release.
It includes the final analysis, the introduction of metadata for enterprises and listeners with the subsequent bringing out of audio in the required formats, according to the order and the requirements of the special purpose of the track.

Why do you need the mastering, as a separate service?

Typically, the mix-engineers cannot adequately evaluate the work done, despite the experience and after a long listening and correction of the material. In this case, a fresh look at the product is needed. In addition, he focuses on the audio track, while the mastering engineer focuses on the track as a whole. Mastering is necessary in the production of the album, in order to smooth out the difference in the sound of all his compositions. After all, they could be reduced in different ways and in different studios.

“It is important to make sure that the original design of the work has not changed and the track is a competitive product” (L. Pretolesi).

The mastering is the key element of musical production. Studio Element includes this service as a separate order variant. We have the necessary equipment to make your work sound at the same level as the top hits. Our team is in step with the times, using advanced production technologies. Customers’ tracks are processed by high-precision equipment, when placed in a studio block of effects, guarantees the best result. We use high-quality compressors T-Racks and Izotope, surgical parametric equalizers, as well as a unique A.O.M Invisible limiter. To give a vintage sound, Studio Element has the legendary emulation of T-Racks PulTeck EQ and a tool for dynamic processing - Stealth with control of additional harmonics.


Track 1.

Track 2.

Track 3.

Track 4.

Track 5.

Track 6.

Track 7.

Track 8.

Track 9.

Track 10.

You can be sure that your track will sound like your favorite compositions from your music collection.

In order to be sure of this, it is enough to submit an application and provide audio, corresponding to simple requirements:
1. Good mixing (no mastering will fix badly mixed track).
2. Audio material with a peak volume of -6 dB, 24 bit and a frequency of the discredit of 44100.

REMEMBER that the mastering is not a panacea for poor mixing, but preparing the work for publication! For our part, we will do everything to ensure that good mixing has acquired the characteristics of a commercial product. By choosing us, you will open the way to the world of TOP ARTISTS.

Studio Element will make your music sound.

The cost of the service "Mastering" is discussed individually!