is the process of creating a finished musical work. The composition is written in separate lines of instruments, after which the sound tracks are transferred to specialists for combining them into one, common, balanced track.

This is one of the most important stages on the way from an idea to a popular hit. And everything depends on work of the mix-engineer, then people will listen to the work or not. After all, if you want to have a catchy track, like top hits, it is necessary to make a lot of effort, guided by knowledge and experience, as well as to have the necessary high-quality equipment. Studio Element has it all.

Good commercial works are always balanced in the frequency and spatial range, where each instrument is distinct and has its place in the sound field. To achieve a top sound, the sound tracks must go through certain stages of processing.

stages of processing:

1. Checking the material for quality.
At this stage, it is checked for noises, artifacts, clicks and mono-compatible tracks. Then, the errors are eliminated. Our team is attentive to this part of the work, because the purity of a future track depends on it. We use expensive equipment to get rid of unnecessary “garbage” in the material provided to us.

2. Initial volume balancing.
To see which areas and instruments you need to pay special attention to and evaluate the sound in general, the tracks are rebuilt in a dynamic range.

3. Frequency processing.
This stage allows the instruments to take their places in the frequency range. There is a high probability that the material provided contains conflicting audio tracks. Voxengo Span analyzer and high-quality T-Racks equalizers, perfectly cope with the identification and elimination of such problems. Equalization also makes it possible to show the timbre character of each instrument and we know how to do it.

4. Control of dynamics.
The clarity of the sound of instruments, often depends on the smooth sound of the line. Also, in order to balance the group in a qualitative way, it is necessary to control the volume of the tracks. We have different instruments for this. Our arsenal of compressors, worthily proven themselves around the world, is always ready to work for you.

5. Processing with the help of effects.
This stage helps even more to fill the sound in the field of the mix, show the dull sounding of the instruments, expand them and give power to the sound. A significant part of the work fills the future track with strength and brightness. We often use saturators, choruses, creative delay effects to make the works of our customers memorable.

6. Spatial processing.
Naturalness, saturation and brightness of top tracks are given by reverb and echo effects, skillfully applied by mix-engineers. Our experience and knowledge will allow you to raise your music to these heights.

7. Panning.
It is very important to find a place for a sound track not only in the frequency range, but also in stereo space. Only thus the work will be balanced, and every detail of it will be audible. Our team devotes enough time to this stage of work, armed with the instruments of work in the spatial range and filling in it with all the supplied lines of instruments.


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How it works

You, after making an order, send us your tracks in WAVE 24 bit format, with the discredit rate of 44100 or 96000, and we make the track from them using all our skills and the right equipment. It is important to remember that the master bus should not have anything. There can be the effects on instruments, which are an integral part of the composition.

A significant part of the artist's success in the modern world is the quality sound of his albums and tracks on radio stations. You can be calm with us. Studio Element will make your sound top-notch. You just need an idea, and we will take over the technique!

The cost of the service “Mixing” is discussed individually!