Remixes on order

Remixes on order

, to put it briefly, is the version of the musical work, created later than the original and, as a rule, in a more modern sounding of the arrangement.
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Today, the Internet is oversaturated with remixes, performed according to one standard and uncomplicated scheme: it is taken a vocal track, recorded at low speed bmp, for example, 110 bpm, and “accelerated” up to 122 - 125, in accordance with the idea. Then, the bass line is removed, a couple of individual notes are added, and some of its elements are appended to the rhythm section. The same happens with the main melody, to sound it with other instruments. As a unique feature in the standard scheme, you can also use small fragments of the vocal track, placing it in different, suitable places. Most often, this completes the creation of the remix.

There are rare cases when the original work contains an interesting melody, based on which you can write your version. And even more rarely, when such a melody is performed by a tool with the usage of a qualitative, unique synthesis. Then, it is quite acceptable to create a remix using one or two tracks of the original work. But do it not in the same way as we have described above!

Examples of our remixes according to this scheme:

Remix 1.
Remix 2.

And now let us talk about a non-standard scheme.

How do we make a remix?

From the original version we only need a vocal part and nothing more. Why? We believe that the remix is ​​one of the main elements of the original, and the rest is our individual creativity. We can change a tone, a tempo, work with vocals, using the technology of a time stretching, a slice, or a pitch shifting. In general, we use in our work all modern, current techniques that will become a decoration of the future remix. Then, we start writing absolutely unique arrangements from scratch, which is completely different from the original. If you think, it is good to take a melody as well, and add to it another instrument: no problem! Our arsenal of powerful virtual synthesizers and an extensive base of deep knowledge of syntheses are at your service! You just need to tell us about it.

Examples of our remixes:
Remix 1.

Remix 2.

Remix 3.

Remix 4.

Remix 5.

Remix 6.

Remix 7.

Remix 8.
Remix 9.
If you need a unique remix that does not look like the others at all and you will never hear a coincidence, our scheme is your ideal solution.
Studio Element is your creative resource, and the team which you will sound with!