Arrangements on order

Arrangements on order

- a broad term, which includes the implementation of a musical idea in a finished work. It includes the writing of instrument lines, vocal group lines, and the creation of a composition structure.

The possibility to produce a unique track increases if an arranger has a large selection of means by which the idea will be ready for implementation, and listening to the product. Studio Element has everything to cope with the tasks of any complexity and fulfill an order that corresponds the requirements of labels, modern standards and formats.

Today a lot of arrangers use the same plug-ins, banks of presets and samples in their work. As a result of this approach is a lot of similar tracks, the same sound and the lost work. In addition, there may be controversial battles on the basis of similarity of sound, loop, melodies. To prevent this, we use a different approach to an arrangement, excluding any form of banality.

Everyone wants to create their own song, the composition is special and not like the others. Our team focuses on UNIQUENESS and, for this purpose, makes great efforts in studying the market, improving skills and updating the knowledge base on the world trends of the music industry. In our work, we are categorically opposed to clichés and templates that do not allow us to reveal the idea so that it will stand out and be remembered by a listener.
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How is the arrangement created?

1. Introduction.
Our team pays a special attention to the content and relevance of the intro in the composition. The introductory part should correspond to the mood and themes of the work and not be extremely time-consuming.

2. Solo instrument, lead, pluck.
This is one of the most recognizable parts of any arrangement, making the song memorable. In the music market there is a significant number of tracks, where similar instruments perform a similar basic line. We use our own synthesis to create a solo lead and carefully select the instruments that play the leading line.

3. Structure.
Dominant templates make predictability in the work, suppressing interest in it from the listener. Studio Element, wishing to make any track bright and attractive, develops its own unique story individually for each work.

4. Rhythm section.
For a track to match the style, the arrangers use pre-made loops of drum instruments and a bass. Our team, if we use samples, makes our own unique processing of audio material with the help of effect plug-ins, available in our arsenal. Bass lines are created by us from scratch: both sound and score (notes, groove, rhythm).

Examples of our works:








The beauty of listening to music is in her recognition!

All our aspirations are directed not only to the realization of the musical idea, but also to the creation of an individual handwriting for each customer. We write unique arrangements in which any listener will recognize you.

Studio Element will help you show all the richness and depth of creative imagination by providing the full range of our technical capabilities and experience.