An exclusive service of Studio Element.

Often, a remixing, remastering means the restoration of records made on tapes, vinyl, with the appropriate correction of the defect. Or it means to recover the volume of old CD formats to modern, world standards.

It is slightly different in our team. We replace the sound with a more modern, expensive and brighter one. Correct errors in the notes, as well as inaccuracies of the drum groove. We make a number of actions, so that the track of a customer sounds competitive in the modern market of music industry. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

There are cases when a talented composer, for lack of funds or opportunities, writes a work with the help of available instruments at that moment. His wonderful music, despite all the beauty, is doomed to remain anonymous. It will not receive a radio or trading platforms. Or, for example, once a recorded exciting hit, despite all its merits in the past, today does not fit into any commercial standards. After all, the very top composition at the age of twenty years will be noticeably inferior in sound even to a mediocre modern track. Sometimes, it happens, the material recorded live, looks dull and has significant flaws in the arrangement. With all the brightness of the melody, such a composition is unlikely to get into chats and will not be noticed by a demanding listener. Also, for example, the producer wants to refine his track, filling it with a bright, powerful sound. But for a number of reasons he does not have such an opportunity, from which excellent musical ideas are doomed to oblivion.

In all these and similar cases, the solution may be the re-mixing service. Our team is ready to give life to the forgotten or remaining in the obscurity musical ideas, enriching them with the modern top sound.


What do you need for this?

It is necessary to order the service and send us everything that is connected with the composition, for which you need the remixing. These can be sound tracks, midi data, scores, stems. Even if you have only a demonstration audio in mp3 format, we will work on creating a vivid content for your musical idea. Studio Element has everything you need to get the song sent to us and it will sound modern and bright.

And then, the world will find out about the most talented composer who writes beautiful melodies, but whose possibilities were limited.

Hereafter, the world will learn about the long-forgotten hits that will regain glory, occupying a high position in charts.

The world will know about you - the experimenters and musicians, because your works will sound qualitatively and modernly!


This is all possible with us!

This is all possible with us thanks to an affordable remixing service, in which all the subtleties of your musical idea will help to realize the equipment of Studio Element. An extraordinarily powerful bass, created in Avenger and Serum, will attract even the most experienced listener. Leading lines of Spire will not leave anyone indifferent, and complex textures will create a unique atmosphere for your track. Nexus 2 will lift your music in one line with the top songs and you will sound with them on an equal footing. Your tracks will be processed with the most modern tools and effects.

Your music will become commercial in nature, and our team will do everything possible to break the barrier of obscurity of your composition. Remember! The highest value is an idea and talent. They come from you, and we take the rest.

Studio Element will be glad to cooperate and will be honoured for the opportunity to work on your works. We, like a jeweller, know how to embellish your talent so that it shines brilliantly in the top of the charts.

Check it out for yourself!

The cost of the service ”Re-Mixing“ is discussed individually!