How it works

How it works

Как это работает (ENG) The terms of the order - up to 10 working days.

We begin to work after a prepayment of 50% and above. It is at the discretion of a customer.

When preparing an application, we need:

1. Technical description. It includes a list of compulsory tasks that we need to display in the work.
2. List of reference tracks in which your preferences are clearly expressed.
3. The information that helps to understand your musical taste. These can be the music styles that you like or a list of artists that you most often listen to.
All of the above is necessary to adequately fulfill the order, consistent with your expectations.


We accept non-cash payments. Acceptable ways to transfer funds: - Western Union, MoneyGram, Skrill, WebMoney, TransferWise, Swift/Iban. If there is a problem with the transfer (payment) of the indicated payment forms, write to us and we will help to make the transfer securely and safely.


1. We write a demo version of your order and send it for approval to you.
2. You compile a list of your comments and necessary changes. If there are any.
3. We make changes and adjustments to the work, after which we send you the demo again.
4. If, during re-listening, the material is approved, you pay the remaining amount (50% of the prepayment), and we complete the order and send you the full version of the work done.
5. If there are any comments on the full version, you indicate them and after making changes, we will finally give you the work, according to the chosen order and tariff.